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PLAY for OM@TJ | Fable
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PLAY for OM@TJ | Fable

Singapore creative agency Fable worked on a branding and interiors project for the Museum of the National Heritage Board, and used the theme of play and recreation. The rotating letters in the word PLAY are inspired by twisting DNA strands, the building blocks of life, and the letter Y is used to form the Chinese character 人, meaning man or people, also representing a tree. A Chinese idiom encouraging people “to appreciate their predecessors’ efforts in providing for the comforts they enjoy today” brings the concept together. The space, a recreational area in the community space OM@TJ musuem, is filled with shipping crates and bold patterns on walls and floors, bringing back the PLAY graphics and the 人 character. Check out some pictures below.


See more of Fable’s work on their site.


Images: Fable 

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