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Coffee Stain Pencil Drawings | Carter Asmann
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Coffee Stain Pencil Drawings | Carter Asmann

Carter Asmann‘s unique style of illustration combines detailed and impressive graphite drawings with coffee mug stains, often depicting bicycles, motorcycles or cars. The contrast between the plain, coffee-tinted ring and the extremely detailed pencil designs works so well that you’ll wonder why you never thought of doing this. The talented artist often shares his work on his Instagram account, along with some great photography of his home state of California, and is well worth a follow. If you love his work, new prints will also be available to buy on his website from the end of this week.

CoffeeDraw_feeldesain_01 CoffeeDraw_feeldesain_02 CoffeeDraw_feeldesain_03 CoffeeDraw_feeldesain_04 CoffeeDraw_feeldesain_05 CoffeeDraw_feeldesain_06 CoffeeDraw_feeldesain_07 CoffeeDraw_feeldesain_08 CoffeeDraw_feeldesain_09 CoffeeDraw_feeldesain_10 CoffeeDraw_feeldesain_11 CoffeeDraw_feeldesain_12 CoffeeDraw_feeldesain_13 CoffeeDraw_feeldesain_14 CoffeeDraw_feeldesain_15 CoffeeDraw_feeldesain_16 CoffeeDraw_feeldesain_17 CoffeeDraw_feeldesain_18 CoffeeDraw_feeldesain_19 CoffeeDraw_feeldesain_20 CoffeeDraw_feeldesain_21 CoffeeDraw_feeldesain_22 CoffeeDraw_feeldesain_23 CoffeeDraw_feeldesain_24

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