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Animal Montages As An Expression Of Self-therapy
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Toronto-based artist Alice Zilberberg proposes new series called Meditations. She creates animal montages as an expression of self-therapy.

As a person living in the west, moving through a daily life that is sometimes high-pace and emotionally complex, Alice Zilberberg finds calm in the presence of these wild animals.

The animals are placed in serene and ethereal scenes to focus on the beauty of the natural environment. In a world where many are constantly looking to the past or the future, these works aim to have a meditative affect on the viewer, promoting staying still to find happiness in the present moment.

The artist Alice Zilberberg is a graduate of Ryerson University’s Photography program.She regularly displayed in galleries and auction houses internationally.

Her work is recognized internationally by many awards, including 1st Place in Photo-manipulation in the international Monochrome AwardsMagenta Foundation‘s Best Emerging Photographer in Canada, and several of the IPA awards in the past few years.

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