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Bentel Brothers created a pair of glasses that squiggle your face
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Bentel Brothers created a pair of glasses that squiggle your face. New York-based designer Nikolas Bentel and his brother Lukas took cues from Instagram face filters when creating these undulated red glasses.

The Squiggle Glasses are shaped like a thin wavy line, partially obstructing the wearer’s view rather than improving their vision. Bentel Brothers – comprising Nik and his artist brother Lukas – described the spectacles as “nothing but an aesthetic squiggle for your face”.

“Those Squiggle Glasses are purposefully non-functional,” they said in a project description. “We wanted to play with the idea of a purely aesthetic pair of eyewear, which were not useful to see out of but only useful in order to pull off a graphic look.”

The duo have created three different arms to accompany the Squiggle Glasses, and all versions are currently available for pre-order. One design is orange to match the wavy lens, another is tinted with yellow at the ends, while the third has metal arms.

The Squiggle Glasses follow countless whimsical eyewear ideas, like Andy Warhol-themed sunglasses that reference the artist’s early illustrations, and a set that purposefully emphasies rather than hides high-prescription lenses.

This is not the first time that Nikolas has worked on an unusual design. Last year, the designer reshaped chalk to create architectural drawing toys for children, and undertook an experiment that involved him trying to pass off his naked body as a furniture collection.

His other projects involve chewing pieces of wood to create a functional stool and a range of patterned shirts that change colour in response to air pollution or radioactivity.

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