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Bellroy | Stylish Phone Case & Card Holder
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Bellroy | Stylish Phone Case & Card Holder

We’d already had our own experiences of Bellroy wallets and iphone cases. Bellroy now sent us two, one is the Black Card Holder and the other is the Caramel Phone Case 1 Card . Both are simple and unisex, with a simple and functional diamond shape on the back, and come in some very cute packaging.

Black Card Holder 
Perfect for those looking to protect their business or regular cards in a slim leather holder. The bifold design allows you to organise things into two sections, helping to avoid mixing other people’s details in with yours. A magnetic closure also keeps things in place, allowing a sense of composure while staying neat. Add a touch of professionalism next time you exchange details.

Caramel Phone Case 1 Card – Iphone 7

Keep your main card close at hand for swiping and spending on the go. No more bulky pockets on a run, or digging for your wallet as you commute. Made from flexible polymer for strength, and full-grain leather so it feels great, we’ve made sure it only takes a swipe of your thumb to release the card. Tuck a bill behind the case, leave your wallet at home, and your night out just got that bit slimmer too.




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