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ZIIIRO Watches | The Titans
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ZIIIRO Watches | The Titans

ZIIIRO come back with their new stylized timeteller. The ZIIIRO Titan is a nod to the classic shape we know and love with all of the bells and whistles of modern times. Not only is it ultralight (and coincidentally can be worn around the neck, if you’re into that look) thanks to an aluminum casting, it comes in five different colors: cyan, chrome, purple, black and cherry. There is an outer ring made up of 12 segments and an inner ring of 60 seconds. Watch time tick by as the borders darken as it gets later in the day. A backlight is included in the design, making it easier to be less of a jerk at movie theaters when you need a quick glance at the time.

The Titan is now available on ZIIIRO’s online store.












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