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Bansky’s art-shredding stunt goes viral
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Bansky’s art-shredding stunt goes viral

The news on Bansky’s art-shredding stunt goes viral and digital marketing companies gave vent to their creativity.

After being auctioned for $1.1 million, Bansky self-destructed one of his famous painting: the girl with the baloon. Immediately becoming one of the most audacious stunts in art history the artwork, now shredded into ribbons, has led many to proclaim it was a middle finger to the art world, maybe an act of counterculture, definitely an anti-capitalist statement. ironically though events thereafter could not bare a stronger stench of money.

Right after the event banksy became a global twitter trend, nifty marketing that would have otherwise cost a lot to pull off. now big brands are capitalizing on the historical art moment by editing it into marketing gold.

But an entirely unrelated group also made moves to capitalize on the shredding: Brands have already begun to turn Banksy’s stunt into marketing, Adweek reported Wednesday.

Feel Desain did the same with Feel magazine Issue No.2.

Creative art by Ikea Norway


The Creative Director at TWBA—the creative agency responsible for many McDonald’s campaigns—designed his own version of the stunt

Unknown artist

Artist Nolo Sanchesky from Canary Islands


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