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AYRTON exhibition at ADPlog
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AYRTON exhibition at ADPlog

Feel Desain recently visited the “AYRTON” exhibition, hosted by Alessandro Del Piero at ADPLOG in Turin. The exhibition runs from 5 February until 22 May this year, and is a tribute to the late Formula One star, Ayrton Senna. Curated by the Ayrton Senna Institute, the exhibition tells the sportsman’s story and profits from tickets sold go towards the Institute, which benefits thousands of poor children in Senna’s home country  of Brazil. The exhibition is made up of videos, photographs and assorted relics related to the famous driver – from his first kart to his legendary single seater, and is worth a trip, especially if you’re a Formula 1 fan. Have a look at our selection of photos from the exhibition below.


If you missed it, you can also check out our article about the amazing denim portrait of Senna by clicking here.

Senna_ADPlog_feeldesain_01 Senna_ADPlog_feeldesain_02 Senna_ADPlog_feeldesain_03 Senna_ADPlog_feeldesain_04 Senna_ADPlog_feeldesain_05 Senna_ADPlog_feeldesain_06 Senna_ADPlog_feeldesain_07 Senna_ADPlog_feeldesain_08 Senna_ADPlog_feeldesain_09 Senna_ADPlog_feeldesain_10 Senna_ADPlog_feeldesain_11 Senna_ADPlog_feeldesain_12

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