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Road Test: Mujjo Wallet Case for iPhone 6
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Road Test: Mujjo Wallet Case for iPhone 6

If you weren’t already familiar with Mujjo, it’s a Dutch brand specialising in very simple, elegant leather accessories for Apple products, and also has a selection of touchscreen gloves. We loved the look of the products, and the people at Mujjo were kind enough to send us a couple of their leather wallet covers to try out.


The wallet covers are made from vegetable-tanned leather, and come in three shades – tan, grey and black, and two formats – the standard wallet case and the 80° wallet case. We tried the tan standard wallet case (which is a little yellower in colour than it appears on the site, but quickly becomes darker as you use it more) and the grey 80° wallet case, both for iPhone 6. As you can see, Mujjo cases have space on the back for two or three cards. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can throw away your real wallet just yet, but the cover provides the option of travelling a little lighter, and is definitely useful for those occasions where you just want to grab your phone and run, especially as most of us only use one or two cards regularly, anyway. Obviously, if you misplace your phone, your cards will go missing too, but we don’t get the impression that the sophisticated, minimalist Mujjo covers are designed for the kind of person who constantly loses their stuff. The cover snaps on easily, the camera and all the buttons are easily accessible, and the phone feels totally protected, making the cover practical as well as super stylish.


Below is a selection of Feel Desain’s photos of the covers, which we’ll soon be giving you the chance to win. Stay tuned to find out how! If you can’t wait until then, you can also buy the covers online on the Mujjo site.

Muujjo_feeldesain_01 Muujjo_feeldesain_02 Muujjo_feeldesain_03 Muujjo_feeldesain_04 Muujjo_feeldesain_05 Muujjo_feeldesain_06 Muujjo_feeldesain_07

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