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Audi Motorrad Motorcycle
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Audi Motorrad Motorcycle

The concept Audi Motorrad is an idea of ​​the 28-year old French designer Thiebault Devauze , who has collaborated with the Opel and recently worked for Gran Torino Studio. E ‘was an intern at Ducati, Audi and Land Rover. In this project, Audi has imagined as a competitor to BMW Motorrad.
The chassis conceived by Devauze is inspired by the Audi ultra lightweight technology, and is constructed by combining the carbon fiber aluminum alloys techniques. The engine is the V2 of the Ducati 848 Evo, while the futuristic alternative is represented by the electric motor Audi e-Tron. Devauze and Couvreur Clemente, digital modeler known during the year working at Opel, have begun to develop this project in late 2011.

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