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Attendant | Pete Tomlinson and Ben Russel
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Attendant | Pete Tomlinson and Ben Russel

A public loo may not strike you as the ideal location for a trendy café, but Attendant is a refurbished toilet like no other. Originally a Victorian toilet block from the late 1800s, the structure was abandoned in the 1960s and was only recently restored to become a cool lunch spot, designed by Pete Tomlinson and Ben Russel. What were once urinals are now stylish eating spaces, and while the interior styling still screams toilet, you probably wouldn’t mind having lunch there. Some images can be found below.

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Attendant_feeldesain_01 Attendant_feeldesain_02 Attendant_feeldesain_03 Attendant_feeldesain_04 Attendant_feeldesain_05 Attendant_feeldesain_06 Attendant_feeldesain_07 Attendant_feeldesain_08 Attendant_feeldesain_09 Attendant_feeldesain_10 Attendant_feeldesain_11 Attendant_feeldesain_12 Attendant_feeldesain_13 Attendant_feeldesain_14 Attendant_feeldesain_15 Attendant_feeldesain_16 Attendant_feeldesain_17 Attendant_feeldesain_18

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