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Aerial Archeology | Klaus Leidorf
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Aerial Archeology | Klaus Leidorf

We recently showed you Italy’s beaches from above, and today you can see some details of Germany from the air in this photo series by Klaus Leidorfwhich he has been working on since the 80s. The German photographer often takes to the sky in a Cessna 172 plane and looks down on his country below through the lens of his camera. He captures all kinds of scenes, some of them pleasantly geometric, and all of them giving us an insight into German life and landscapes from a bird’s eye view.

Aerial_feeldesain_01 Aerial_feeldesain_02 Aerial_feeldesain_03 Aerial_feeldesain_04 Aerial_feeldesain_05 Aerial_feeldesain_06 Aerial_feeldesain_07 Aerial_feeldesain_08 Aerial_feeldesain_09 Aerial_feeldesain_10 Aerial_feeldesain_11 Aerial_feeldesain_12 Aerial_feeldesain_13 Aerial_feeldesain_14 Aerial_feeldesain_15 Aerial_feeldesain_16 Aerial_feeldesain_17 Aerial_feeldesain_18 Aerial_feeldesain_19 Aerial_feeldesain_20 Aerial_feeldesain_21

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