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La Cabine | Line Art and La Fonction
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La Cabine | Line Art and La Fonction

Isn’t it frustrating when you need to brush your teeth and leave the house, but your roommate is hogging the bathroom? Well now you can have your own compact bathroom inside your bedroom, disguised as a wooden wardrobe. La Cabine has been designed by French bathroom company Line Art in collaboration with La Fonction, and is small enough to fit in most average bedrooms. Closed, La Cabine looks just like a regular wardrobe, while open it “is reminiscent of a boat’s cabin, so much does the precision of the woodwork echo that of a boat maker”. Inside, you’ll find a ceramic sink, adjustable mirror, LED lighting with presence sensor, plenty of storage space for all your toiletries, and plugs for electronics, USB, and iPhone dock.

The ultracompact bathroom is available in oak with a choice of eight finishes, inside you can choose between four different surface finishes, and prices start from €5400.

LaCabine_feeldesain_01 LaCabine_feeldesain_02 LaCabine_feeldesain_03 LaCabine_feeldesain_04 LaCabine_feeldesain_05 LaCabine_feeldesain_06

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