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So-Sage lighting series designed by Sam Baron
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So-Sage lighting series designed by Sam Baron

This unique suspension lights collection created for Petite Friture by Sam Baronare named ‘SO-sage’.

The pendant lights have been designed so that they look like glass sausages that hang from the ceiling, much like they would in a traditional butcher shop. There are six different shapes and each one is shaped after a different sausage type. They can be grouped together or hung individually, and are made from borosilicate glass.

Petite Friture is a design editor created in 2009. It was born with the will to promote young talents, and to develop with them a catalogue of objects, lighting and small  furniture that creates a vibration. The result is elegant and accessible objects that in a simple and uninhibited manner tell a story; objects that understand our daily life and invite us to savour it.

And the “SO-sage” series perfectly fits this description.


Photography by  Sam Baron

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