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Artist’s Sculpture On Home-Making In The Age Of Climate Change

Artist Heather Theresa Clark abstracts domestic space and puts it in tension in a kinetic sculpture that references home-making in the age of climate change.

This is her Sides of a Line exhibition presented at the Hamiltonian Gallery in Washington DC. The work alludes to the paradox and anxiety of a privileged life in the age of climate change – as we pursue the American Dream through meticulous home-making and associated consumption, we make humanity less secure globally.


Using a palette of beeswax, military parachutes, and marble laminate, Clark abstracts domestic space and puts it in tension. In this kinetic sculpture, she forces two walls along a track in a slow, mechanized, repetitive collision. The artist invites us to engage with our bodies.

Although Sides of a Line explores global issues, it is highly personal. As a mother of two young children, Clark contemplates the threat that climate change poses to our very notion of home and attempts to peel back the illusion that her own pursuit of a comfortable and safe home for her family is not tied to macro issues.

Heather Theresa Clark approaches art making as a planner, green developer, and ecologist.

Photo Credit – Anne Kim for Laura Metzler Photography.

Video Credit – Elena Lozina, SonderWorks

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