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Plastique Fantastique puts a ring on it
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Plastique Fantastique puts a ring on it

Plastique Fantastique puts a ring on it.

This giant gold ring — RINGdeLUXE — snuggly hugs the Instituto Estudios Riojanos headquarters, in Logroño, Spain. The artist collective Plastique Fantastique put it on her. They proposed and donned the lucky structure with the faux gold band, on April 27th — and the timing couldn’t have been better; the installation is in honor of Concéntrico, the international festival of architecture and design, in Spain.

It is a glamorous project, in a gold-glittered neighborhood. The shell structure is lightweight and shiny — such a simple structure indeed, but one that evokes so many associations.

Throughout the festival (April 27 – May 1) RINGdeLUXE is worn by the building. unfortunately, the ephemeral nature of temporary architecture — and festivals, too for that matter — means that Plastique Fantastique’s ornamental engagement will not be everlasting.

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