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Giardino Botanico Is An Homage To The Elegance Of Nature
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Giardino Botanico Is An Homage To The Elegance Of Nature

During Milan Design Week, British brand Secolo XXI launches its first collection of Nature-inspired seat called Giardino Botanico designed by Artefatto Design Studio.

The series comprises five velvet chairs which come in burgundy, silver-gray, turquoise, antique pink and green and feature golden seat-backs with the silhouette of leaves and flowers.

Created by the British-Italian trio of Artefatto Design Studio, the collection is the result of influences from what are and were the dogmas and stylistic principles of the old Italian design era, paired with the bold characteristics of English culture. Not a small ask for Artefatto Design Studio, which has been responsible for the artistic direction of Secolo XXI.

The Giardino Botanico collection wants to provide “something that is not just new and exciting but something that will remain elegant for years to come,” explain the studio co-founders Sacha Andraos, Lorenzo Scisciani and Salvatore Morales.

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Photos courtesy of SECOLO XXI.
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