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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 90: Federalimentare & CIBUS
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 90: Federalimentare & CIBUS

The Federalimentare and CIBUS corporate pavilion is an exhibition space for Italian food, brands and agricultural industry, and was created by the Italian Federation of Food and Beverages Industries. Inside the pavilion’s exhibition is a showcase of Made in Italy, a path through supply chains to give visitors an overview of high-quality Italian food products. The pavilion was designed by Di Gregorio Associati and consists of a minimal, white structure which reflects light and recalls a factory building. A portico structure provides a space for numerous events and live performances, including that of international graffiti artists who will give their interpretations on the theme of food. Images below.

ExpoCibus_feeldesain_01 ExpoCibus_feeldesain_02 ExpoCibus_feeldesain_03 ExpoCibus_feeldesain_04 ExpoCibus_feeldesain_05 ExpoCibus_feeldesain_06 ExpoCibus_feeldesain_07a ExpoCibus_feeldesain_07b ExpoCibus_feeldesain_08 ExpoCibus_feeldesain_09 ExpoCibus_feeldesain_10 ExpoCibus_feeldesain_11 ExpoCibus_feeldesain_12 ExpoCibus_feeldesain_13 ExpoCibus_feeldesain_14 ExpoCibus_feeldesain_15 ExpoCibus_feeldesain_16 ExpoCibus_feeldesain_17 ExpoCibus_feeldesain_18

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