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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 24: China
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 24: China

In Milan this year, China is presenting its first self-built pavilion in history and showing all of its visitors the details of its agricultural policy, from its history to future innovations, as well as showing the rich culture of various individual cities and provinces within the enormous nation. The huge country has a correspondingly huge pavilion of 4,590 square metres, and the exhibition focuses on balance between man and nature, sustainable development, agriculture, food, and the hope that the future can offer food and life to everyone. Naturally, cultural traditions, typical Chinese tea and cuisine, and foward-thinking technology are all represented within the pavilion, designed by a consortium created by Tsinghua University and the Beijing Qingshang Environmental & Architectural Design Institute and marrying forms of the natural landscape with a city skyline – representing the contrast present in modern China. The exhibition areas, named “Heaven”, “Earth”, “Man”, and “Harmony” host daily events in order to entertain and educate visitors to China’s pavilion. Photos and images below. Come back tomorrow for another dose of Milan Expo 2015.

ExpoChina_feeldesain_01 ExpoChina_feeldesain_02 ExpoChina_feeldesain_03 ExpoChina_feeldesain_04 ExpoChina_feeldesain_05 ExpoChina_feeldesain_06 ExpoChina_feeldesain_07 ExpoChina_feeldesain_08 ExpoChina_feeldesain_09 ExpoChina_feeldesain_10 ExpoChina_feeldesain_11 ExpoChina_feeldesain_12 ExpoChina_feeldesain_13 ExpoChina_feeldesain_14 ExpoChina_feeldesain_15 ExpoChina_feeldesain_16 ExpoChina_feeldesain_17

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