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Feel Desain’s Top 5 Virtual Reality Apps
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Feel Desain’s Top 5 Virtual Reality Apps

Since the launch of Google Cardboard and similar VR headsets, Virtual Reality has become the new big thing. Here are 5 apps you should take a look at right now.


1. Volvo Reality is a reality test drive that lets you give the Volvo XC90 a go, and in beautiful surroundings. Created using a combination of real film and computer renders, it brings the test drive experience to life, even if you’re sitting on your sofa. Available for iOS and Android.


2. Dreamizer shows us what could be the future of real estate – here, you can have a good look around another house from the comfort of your own. Of course, this one’s just a render, but you can just imagine how it could be used in the future, and it’s fun to look around the Dreamizer apartment too. Available for iOS and Android.

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3. Curve VR is Curve Creative Studio’s 3D portfolio, and was designed to show some of the agency’s work in an unusual and very cool way. You can navigate around 7 different themed rooms and view digital content related to their projects in a way which is immersive and entertaining. Available for Android and coming soon to iOS.

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4. VRSE is one of the best VR apps out there by far. It’s “a universe of virtual reality experiences”, and allows you to immerse yourself in scenes from around the world in a library that is constantly growing. Audio adds an extra dimension to the visuals, so plug in your headphones. Available for iOS and Android.


5. What is it with car brands and great VR apps? Hyundai VR+ is another must see, and gives you the heart-pounding experience of rally driving, with none of the danger! An immersive experience where you become driver Dani Sordo’s co-driver. Available for iOS and Android.

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What are your favourite VR apps?


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