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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 6: Chile
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 6: Chile

To South America today, and Chile’s Expo pavilion. Designed by architect Cristián Undurraga, the pavilion focuses on Chilean hospitality while guiding visitors through the different ecosystems of the Latin American country and illustrating the diversity of the nation. The primary material used is wood, deliberately chosen by the designers as forest areas in Chile are increasing while deforestation is threatening them in the rest of the world. The 1,910 square metre pavilion offers a relaxing space, filled with colourful Chilean food and exciting events, as well as art works in all kinds of different forms.


See a selection of images of Chile’s pavilion below, and come back tomorrow for #7…

ExpoChile_feeldesain_01 ExpoChile_feeldesain_02 ExpoChile_feeldesain_03 Expo 2015 Milano ExpoChile_feeldesain_05 ExpoChile_feeldesain_06 ExpoChile_feeldesain_07 ExpoChile_feeldesain_08 ExpoChile_feeldesain_09

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