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Orang+Utan | AKZ Architectura
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Orang+Utan | AKZ Architectura

You’ve already seen one cool restaurant in Ukraine here on Feel Desain, but today we’ve got another one for you – Orang+Utan. The interior design of this vegetarian bar is by AKZ Architectura, a creative architecture studio based in Kiev. The design of Orang+Utan is extremely minimal, as the interior is almost totally decorated with white tiles. However there are some fun touches which break up the space, like the jungle-like area in the bathroom, and the colourful fruits exhibited around the space. The small restaurant mostly serves sandwiches, soups and smoothies, and the menu has been painted onto the wall behind the bar in black lettering. If any of you are in Kiev any time soon, pop by and check it out!

Images by AKZ Architectura.

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