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Like Shop is a concept showroom designed by Eduard Eremchuk
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Like Shop is a concept showroom designed by Eduard Eremchuk

Like Shop is a concept showroom designed by Eduard Eremchuk.

Pink furry changing rooms and bright yellow walls feature in Eremchuk’s design for a concept shop in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, which references the work of artist James Turrell and fashion designer Alexander McQueen.

The Russian architect specified yellow paint for the entryway of the Like Shop‘s showroom, which sells “colourful and crazy clothes, mostly for young people” – the the brand’s signature shade. The walls of the first room are painted entirely in a colour called cyber yellow, with a matching vinyl floor from Forbo Flooring Systems.

All of the furniture in the interior, including the matching yellow table was made bespoke by local craftsmen from sketches made by Eremchuk. Behind the curving table, a floor-to-ceiling mirrored door covers a storage space. The mirror reflects the wall-to-wall hue of the 4.6-metre by 2.6-metre room, creating what Eremchuk describes as an “infinite yellow space”

“This ‘yellow box’ reminds visitors of some museum installations, and was inspired by James Turrell”. The American artist is known for his large-scale pieces, that often create illusions of three dimensional objects suspended in space using projections of light and colour. The yellow continues through on the sides of the open doorway that is cut into the thick walls of the historic building, framing a view of the 4.2-metre by 8.1-metre room beyond.

This central element was conceived of by Eremchuk as a single sculptural element and was “inspired by Alexander MсQueen’s petal dresses”.

The British fashion house headed up by Sarah Burton sent ruffled dresses in sheer pink chiffon down a runway in the Jardin de Luxembourg orangery for its floral-themed Spring Summer 2018 collection.


Photography by Eduarder Emchuk

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