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8 Questions With Dave Towers
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We love the incredible creativity and precision Dave Towers shows on his videos.

He works full time as a graphic designer and just in the spare time he does all the paintings. But it’s not over.  As a designer he did some works for Sony, Skoda and Starbucks and won a D&AD pencil in Graphic Design for the Peeterman Artois campaign in 2007, thanks to his great perseverance.

He was kind enough to talk to us about his projects, inspirations and more. Here’s 8 questions with Dave Towers.

1. You’re an artist, but how do you define yourself?

I’m a graphic designer first and foremost, that’s my job. I suppose in my spare time I’m an artist.

2. You shared a lot of your works on the Internet (videos, photos and so on). How much technology is important for you and your art?

Technology is incredibly important and vital to what I do. I like to mix hand made elements and digital design. I use a computer to work out the composition of my paintings. I obviously video the process on my phone. I tape it to the ceiling with parcel tape. I’m quite into the PUNK thing of improvising. Social media is also incredibly effective if you use it in the right way.














3. Someone’s creativity you admire?

Geoff Mcfetridge is an inspiration. His graphic design work and his paintings.

4. You are an internationally awarded graphic designer. Do you think there is a city that offers more inspiration/possibilities than others?

I work in London and it constantly offers inspiration and possibilities. It’s good to be able to attend talks by other creatives and to be able to visit museums and exhibitions.
I suppose New York is the only other city to compete on this level. But sometimes I do think a bit of isolation can be good for creativity too. A chance to develop your own style away from every thing else that is going on.

5. The most exciting/challenging project you worked for?

Commercially I have designed a lot of advertising posters. There are a few where I’ve been able to solve the brief through typography. It’s a great kick to see your type up huge on a billboard and all over town.
Pursuing the art has been exciting especially sharing it on instagram over the last year as people have really got behind it.



























6. What is the best piece of advice you would give to someone who’s about to get exactly where you are?

Just keep learning. Keep exploring and absorbing inspiration.

7. Goals for the next 12 months?

An exhibition perhaps. I recently completed a large canvas painting. I’d like to do more large scale work. To keep evolving.

8. Do you have a message Feel Desain readers?

Remember to spend time playing. Messing around. Trying things. Be prepared to throw a lot of it in the bin before you start finding things worth keeping.


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