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8 Questions with Kurt Perschke
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Kurt Perschke is an artist who works in sculpture, video, collage and public space. His most acclaimed work, RedBall Project, is a traveling public art project that has taken place in Paris, London, Abu Dhabi, Taipei, Perth, England, Barcelona, St. Louis, Korea, Portland, Sydney, Arizona, Chicago and Toronto, and received a National Award from Americans for the Arts Public Art Network. RedBall has been avidly followed by the media, appearing in over one hundred media outlets including magazines, television, newspaper and radio.  In addition to RedBall, Perschke has completed commissions for several institutions including The Museum of Contemporary Art Barcelona, the Vienna Technical Museum, and the Contemporary Art Museum in St. Louis. Born in Chicago, Kurt Perschke has also lived in the Virgin Islands, St. Louis, Vienna, and Cairo, Egypt. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Follow the work @redballproject.

1. Why Red Ball?

I started out in a studio and art galley environment than moved into something more “public”, out in the street. RedBall came out of the opportunity to look at public sites, places that I found particularly attractive. Also, the RedBall Project is ongoing, it’s not based on a period of time, but on a creative action and pattern that can be found in any city.

2. How many Red Balls have you inflated to date?

There is only actually one ball that travels to all the cities involved in the project. So far the RedBall has been to over 200 sites in 17 cities across the globe.

3. Tell us about a challenging situation related to the RedBall Project

Barcelona was an interesting city where to work in because we didn’t get permissions or permits except for MACBA, as a street art piece we went ahead wondering when we would get arrested. At the start we quickly took all the pictures we could before the police would come, in the end it wasn’t an issue.

I would also say that Abu Dhabi was an interesting city because we were the first “street art” ever brought to the entire Emirate. We went everywhere not just the city.



4. The Most Exiting Country or City you worked in?

The project comes alive when the public arrives and this makes each project unique. Every country is different and inspiring in a unique way.

5. …and the worst?

Tough to say. The work is an invitation to the public, but ideally the city has to first support and welcome the project, only then can people give the project life.

6. Next Project?

I am always working on different ideas, I’ve done set deign with a NYC dance company recently, the Kate Weare Company  and I am spending time in the studio right now working on collages and sketches, but RedBall takes up a lot of time.

7. Do you ever use the RedBall Project for Commercial Campaign?

There has been a lot of interest in the project from brands, most recently we worked with Martini on their 150th anniversary in Paris, where the project was a huge hit and successful for Martini. I think if a brand understands how to partner with a project like this, not change the work but join and enhance what its already doing, then it can work well. The project has only worked with a brand a few times, it’s important to get the partnership right.



8. RedBall Project is great because it’s simple and fun. What do you suggest to people that want to be creative nowadays?

Actually I talk about this a bit in an interview I did with the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art.

I believe that if an artist or creative is seeking a unique voice they will find that internally not externally. It takes time and focus to realize how one see’s the world uniquely, in a way we each have our own lens, becoming aware of it and using it in practice is the right path.


Come see the project when it comes to Italy! Hopefully soon. See you in Torino.
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