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Casa de Serralves Is Villa Museum in Porto
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Casa de Serralves Is Villa Museum in Porto

Slow down from the busy sightseeing at the Serralves Villa and take a trip back in time.

Casa de Serralves is a villa and museum located inside the park of Serralves. Owned by the Serralves Foundation, the house was built by the second Count of Vizela, Carlos Alberto Cabral and designed by the architect José Marques da Silva. It is a unique example of Streamline Moderne architecture in Portugal.

Casa de Serralves is an important extension of the Museum of Contemporary Art, used for presentation of temporary exhibitions. Originally designed as a private residence, the Villa – which is a unique example of Art Deco architecture – and the Park – inspired by the modernists – were commissioned by the 2nd Count of Vizela, Carlos Alberto Cabral. With its façade overlooking the Rua de Serralves and the main entrance located in the Avenida Marechal Gomes da Costa, Casa de Serralves is a significant example of Art Deco style. The building was constructed on the outskirts of Porto between 1925 and 1944, combining neoclassical, romantic and art deco elements.

The more extensive facade of the House develops along the Serralves Street, facing the garden. The interior is composed of three floors.

For the interior of the House of Serralves, contributed the most important European names of the area of the design of the furniture. Émile Jacques Ruhlmann designed the dining room in the hall, lobby and billiard room; René Lalique was responsible for the skylight in the first floor hall and Edgar Brandt created the wrought-iron gate separating the common area from private quarters and also Ivan Da Silva Bruhns, Leleu, Jean Perzel, Raymond Subes, and Alfred Porteneuve who would choose the color of the house. Much of the furniture is scattered today, after being sold at auctions.

Photocredits: Taste of Portugal
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