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3D Geometric Light Paintings
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3D Geometric Light Paintings

Photographer and expert light painter Trevor Williams blows our minds with his three-dimensional light graffiti. Williams, who is originally from Canada, founded the group Fiz-iks, which is based in Japan. The group explores fascinating locations throughout the architecturally rich country, redefining its surroundings. Equipped with various LED and xenon flashlights, the artist exemplifies his mastery of the meticulous art by producing sharp 3D light sculptures with regard to the rest of the image.

It is absolutely incredible the way Williams reinterprets an environment by adding his own illuminated depth and without disrupting the photographic angle or the validity of a space. The assorted Japanese backdrops add an interesting element to Williams’ photos—whether it’s outside, in front of a temple, or indoors, in an abandoned warehouse. His artistic choices of shapes, colors, and patterns also work remarkably well together to enhance the images.

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