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U.S. Olympians Stretch | London 2012
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U.S. Olympians Stretch | London 2012

Can you believe that the 2012 Summer Olympics in London is only two months away? To get the country pumped up about our national team, photographer Lucas Jackson took these shots of our incredible athletes stretching. No Photoshop involved. As you can see, the athletes need to be in the best shape of their lives to maximize their chance of bringing gold back to the U.S.A.

Gymnast Nastia Liukin

Freestyle wrestler Clarissa Chun

Diver Troy Dumais

Freestyle wrestler Jordan Burroughs

Trampoline gymnast Logan Dooley

Soccer player Alex Morgan

Swimmer Brendan Hansen

Paralympic sprinter Jerome Singleton

Diver Brittany Viola

Diver Thomas Finchum

Swimmer Dana Vollmer

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