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Dogs collages | Peter Clark
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Dogs collages | Peter Clark

Originally an illustrator and designer, Peter Clark now uses a collection of various papers to form all kinds of patterned, textured artwork. The London-based artist creates collages of everything from trophies, to animals, to clothing. This particular series features various breeds of dogs, ranging from the French Bull to the Dalmatian. For each piece, Clark searches flea markets, garage sales, and even dumpsters for certain types of paper that are visually interesting.

Clark purposefully selects the scraps of paper used to create each friendly dog, which often adds to the personality of each piece. Look closely and you will notice details that connect the dog to the medium. For example, a Scottish Terrier might be formed out of maps of Scotland, another breed may be created from strips of an old paper dog license.

Clark says that his collages, “use mark-making in an innovative and humorous way to create a collection of beasts and clothing which exude character and wit.” He aims to provide his viewers with some humor, mixing and juxtaposing the three dimensional layers to define the shapes, tones, and colors of each collage in a playful, visual collection.


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