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Toyota – It’s Reinvented | ADV
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Toyota – It’s Reinvented | ADV

Toyota – It’s Reinvented  | ADV

You know those Toyota commercials that we never get, the ones aired in distant lands like Australia and Brazil and that are, oh, interesting? We’re finally getting one. Toyota is returning to Super Bowl advertising after a three-year hiatus with a 30-second version of this longer-form 60-second spot for the 2012 Camry, and we think it’s amusing enough to be worthy of The Big Game.

This is a continuation of the reinvention theme introduced in the first 2012 Camry ad last year, and this commercial adds some comedy, a welcome change from Toyota’s typically sober marketing campaigns. Toyota will also air a second 30-second spot during the NFL’s championship game.

Super Bowl XLVI Commercial
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