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Hyperrealistic Paintings by Ger Eikendal
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Hyperrealistic Paintings by Ger Eikendal

The work of painter Ger Eikendal (Northern realists) deals with themes of socially relevant content. That allows complex political theories or general, everyday events. By imagining a riot cop with a shield that ‘Coca Cola’ state or the Statue of Liberty in New York surrounded by an oil refinery shows the painter’s own critical opinion on these subjects belong. Ger Eikendal is counted among the Northern realists.

Schermata 2013-03-01 alle 13.00.53
Schermata 2013-03-01 alle 13.00.39
Schermata 2013-03-01 alle 13.01.10
Schermata 2013-03-01 alle 12.59.29


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