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10 stunning home makeovers | Homify
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10 stunning home makeovers | Homify

For some it’s the ultimate dream, for others a nightmare: working hard to completely revamp your home. If you have a good eye for detail, some imagination, and a lot of time on your hands, you can totally transform a space. Good interior designers and architects can look at a run-down space and visualise exactly what needs to be done to make it something truly special, whereas others may need some more help finding home improvement ideas for our bedroom makeover, loft conversion or  living room renovationor when trying to find the perfect accessories, paint colour or floor tiles.


In collaboration with homify, we’ve gathered 10 of our favourite home makeovers to show you that when it comes to renovations, great things really are possible.



Our first choice is by Andrea Pella, who worked on this dilapidated apartment in Milan, Italy. As you can see, before the makeover, the house was not fit to live in, but after a full transformation, including work on ceilings, walls, floors, as well as electrics and plumbing, the apartment turned into a minimalist paradise, featuring crisp white walls and clean lines.

andrea pella before

Before –

andrea pella after

After – Arch. Andrea Pella/


Schulz Rooms saw the potential in an attic originally used as storage space, and with a  lot of hard work turned it into a stunning luxury spa, complete with sauna, natural stone shower, and fireplace. Modern features and intelligent lighting choices make this space feel like a real oasis.

schulz rooms_ before

Before –

schulz rooms_ after

After – Schulz Rooms/


This building was in a critical condition, and  Tiago Do Vale and his team made a sad and outdated space into a beautiful home. The bedroom, under the eaves, was a particular feat, and was transformed from a grey and anonymous space into a natural, white haven, which feels casual and homely as well as super stylish.

tiagodovale before

Before –

tiagodovale after

After – Tiago Do Vale/


The Lady Builder was able to turn a London basement flat into a space fit for royalty. The bedroom was dark, damp and almost unusable, but now includes a walk-in wardrobe and a lovely wooden floor, and makes the most of the light which floods in from outside.

the lady builder before

Before –

the lady builder after

After – The Lady Builder/



This attic in Ancona, Italy, was transformed by Plastudio and has been divided into sensible spaces appropriate for the people living there, as well as being decorated in a tasteful way which makes the most of furniture, fabrics and accessories. The result is eclectic yet classic.



Before –


After – Plastudio/


Paola Favretto‘s refurbishment project aimed to change this apartment into a liveable home, with an up-to-date feeling. The decor previously demonstrated a very old-fashioned taste, whereas the ‘after’ result was 100% modern. We particularly like the decision to keep the original 1970s door, to add a touch of character to an otherwise very minimal space.

paolafavretto before

Before –

paolafavretto after

After – Paola Favretto/


Ovas Reformas worked on this loft space in El Cabanyal, near Valencia, and made a completely dilapidated space into a lovely, simple house. You won’t be able to believe this was the same property.

ovas reformas before

Before –

ovas reformas after

After – Ovas Reformas/


This Italian home was worked on by Marta Novarini. To begin with, it was lacking in sophistication, and featured all kinds of colours and textures, as well as seeming just a little outdated. Once the makeover was complete, the home was almost unrecognisable, and featured clean lines and neutral, natural colours, as well as clever corners which made the most of the space available.

marta novarini before

Before –

marta novarini after

After – Marta Novarini/


Isolution Interiors only had a small space to breathe new life into. In this case, it was a porch in Scotland, which started life as a bare space, hardly giving guests a good impression. The space was painted tastefully but boldly, and small, simple accessories were added so as not to make the space seem smaller.

isolution-interiors before

Before –

isolution-interiors after

After – Isolation Interiors/


Barbara Sterkers transformed this bare French loft, near Paris, into a glorious living space. The space was a total blank canvas, and the interior designers certainly brought out the best in it. The living room has been laid out to be a particularly pleasant space, with room to move, sit, and socialise, and the space feels light and airy.

barbara-sterkers before

Before –

barbara-sterkers after

After – Barbara Sterkers/


Antonio Giummarra worked on the transformation of this historical building, and had the challenge of retaining some period features, while completely updating the home. With neutral colour choices and quality materials, the building is almost unrecognisable. Particularly spectacular is the split staircase, which adds a modern twist to the old property.

antoniogiummarra before

Before –

antoniogiummarra after

After – Antonio Giummarra/

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