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Photographing an Erupting Volcano | Tomas Freyr Kristjánsson
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Photographing an Erupting Volcano | Tomas Freyr Kristjánsson

Surely there’s little more impressive in nature than an erupting volcano, and Icelandic hobby photographer Tomas Freyr Kristjánsson wanted to capture the stunning scene on camera. His amazing photos, bravely taken very close to the Holuhraun volcano in his home country of Iceland, show bright orange lava shooting into the air, as well as the hot magma on the ground, and certainly show the power of nature. His Flickr account is well worth a look, as he regularly travels around the country photographing the incredible Icelandic scenery, as well as the Northern Lights.

VolcanoPhotography_feeldesain_01 VolcanoPhotography_feeldesain_02 VolcanoPhotography_feeldesain_03 VolcanoPhotography_feeldesain_04 VolcanoPhotography_feeldesain_05 VolcanoPhotography_feeldesain_06 VolcanoPhotography_feeldesain_07 VolcanoPhotography_feeldesain_08 VolcanoPhotography_feeldesain_09 VolcanoPhotography_feeldesain_10 VolcanoPhotography_feeldesain_11 VolcanoPhotography_feeldesain_12 VolcanoPhotography_feeldesain_13 VolcanoPhotography_feeldesain_14 VolcanoPhotography_feeldesain_15 VolcanoPhotography_feeldesain_16

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