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The “Helsinki” Speaker | Vifa
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The “Helsinki” Speaker | Vifa

We love Danish brand Vifa‘s style, and we already brought you an article about their Copenhagen speaker last year. Vifa’s new release is the Helsinki speaker, which follows the same principal as their other products, but is even more portable and compact, thanks to a smaller size and leather strap, making the Helsinki as easy to carry around as a handbag. All of Vifa’s speakers are stylishly Scandinavian in design and combine colours and textures with the finest technology to make the perfect accessory for a music lover.

Vifa2_feeldesain_01 Vifa2_feeldesain_02 Vifa2_feeldesain_03 Vifa2_feeldesain_04 Vifa2_feeldesain_05 Vifa2_feeldesain_06 Vifa2_feeldesain_07 Vifa2_feeldesain_08 Vifa2_feeldesain_09 Vifa2_feeldesain_10 Vifa2_feeldesain_11 Vifa2_feeldesain_12 Vifa2_feeldesain_13 Vifa2_feeldesain_14 Vifa2_feeldesain_15 Vifa2_feeldesain_16 Vifa2_feeldesain_17 Vifa2_feeldesain_18 Vifa2_feeldesain_19 Vifa2_feeldesain_20 Vifa2_feeldesain_21 Vifa2_feeldesain_22 Vifa2_feeldesain_23 Vifa2_feeldesain_24

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