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The innovative artist Carol Milne, based in Seattle, did an amazing work in reproducing new glass sculptures that are faithfully shaped created by hands that are knitting. The sculptor represent needles and stitches which are created with colored modeled glass to create colorful artworks. First, a model of the sculpture is made from wax which is then encased by a refractory mold material that can withstand extremely high temperatures. Next, hot steam is used to melt the wax, leaving behind an empty cavity in the shape of the artwork. Pieces of room temperature glass are then placed inside the mold which is then heated to 1,400-1,600 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the type of glass. Afterward, the piece is slowly cooled over a period of several weeks, followed by a careful excavation process, where Milne delicately chips away like an archaeologist to reveal the final piece. You can see more also on Facebook.




Knitglasssculpture_FeelDesain_07 Knitglasssculpture_FeelDesain_11 Knitglasssculpture_FeelDesain_03 Knitglasssculpture_FeelDesain_01 Knitglasssculpture_FeelDesain_02 Knitglasssculpture_FeelDesain_04 Knitglasssculpture_FeelDesain_05 Knitglasssculpture_FeelDesain_06

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