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“Y” in the Niemelä Tenant Farm
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“Y” in the Niemelä Tenant Farm

&’ Architects (Emmi Keskisarja & Janne Teräsvirta & Company) in collaboration with the Finnish National Museum have created the installation as an exploration of temporality and the provocative use of wood.

The title was borrowed from the mathematical symbol of the unknown, as the temporary structure is designed to stir conversation about what the future holds, whilst referencing traditional Finnish building methods. ‘Y’ was constructed from cross laminated timber, and appears pixelated in form, providing a contemporary site for meditation in a historical courtyard.

In an official statement about the piece, the architects explain: “The installation seeks to encourage the visitors stay longer in the Niemelä by altering the familiar and permanent museum environment. Y provides a hypnotic meditation spot from where to reflect on the changing state of time.”

Photography by eetji

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