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Xiaotuanyuan rice packaging | Yi Mi Xiaoxin
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It’s not often that you see beautiful packaging for something as simple as rice, but Yi Mi Xiaoxin‘s branding and packaging of brand xiaotuanyuan makes the packs really stand out from the crowd. The bright colours make the packaging eye catching, while the black background adds a touch of class. The designer’s decorative images reflect the different rice regions, and we love the illustration style.

xiaotuanyuan_feeldesain_01 xiaotuanyuan_feeldesain_12 xiaotuanyuan_feeldesain_11 xiaotuanyuan_feeldesain_10 xiaotuanyuan_feeldesain_09 xiaotuanyuan_feeldesain_08 xiaotuanyuan_feeldesain_07 xiaotuanyuan_feeldesain_06 xiaotuanyuan_feeldesain_05 xiaotuanyuan_feeldesain_04 xiaotuanyuan_feeldesain_03 xiaotuanyuan_feeldesain_02

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