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The Dog Alphabet | Andrei Clompos
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The Dog Alphabet | Andrei Clompos

What do you get when you mix pets and typography? The Dog Alphabet, by artist and dog-lover Andrei Clompos, who came up with the idea when playing around with portraits of his own pet (who features as letter B, if you were wondering). The alphabet takes some famous dog breeds and other, less well-known ones and incorporates them into simple lettering. Every breed featured is described briefly underneath its letter, so you can even learn a little about man’s best friend as you explore the series. If you’re a typography fan, we also recommend the Around the World with Type series.

dogalphabet_feeldesain_01 dogalphabet_feeldesain_02 dogalphabet_feeldesain_03 dogalphabet_feeldesain_04 dogalphabet_feeldesain_05 dogalphabet_feeldesain_06 dogalphabet_feeldesain_07 dogalphabet_feeldesain_08 dogalphabet_feeldesain_09 dogalphabet_feeldesain_10 dogalphabet_feeldesain_12 dogalphabet_feeldesain_13 dogalphabet_feeldesain_14 dogalphabet_feeldesain_15 dogalphabet_feeldesain_16 dogalphabet_feeldesain_17 dogalphabet_feeldesain_18 dogalphabet_feeldesain_19 dogalphabet_feeldesain_20 dogalphabet_feeldesain_21 dogalphabet_feeldesain_22 dogalphabet_feeldesain_23 dogalphabet_feeldesain_24 dogalphabet_feeldesain_25 dogalphabet_feeldesain_26 dogalphabet_feeldesain_27 dogalphabet_feeldesain_28

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