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Wooden Cloth table | Nathalie Dackelid
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Wooden Cloth table | Nathalie Dackelid

Nathalie Dackelid , a student at Stockholm’s HDK Steneby, has created this interesting table, made of locally grown ash wood and named Wooden Cloth. The table is designed to adapt to different situations thanks to its design which allows the size of the tabletop to be adapted easily and without compromising the aesthetics of the furniture, by folding out a series of prism-shaped batons which cover the sliding table extension underneath like a tablecloth. The ends of the batons also make a pleasing pattern, further adding tot he “tablecloth” concept. The designer hopes that the table’s adaptability will allow it to have a longer lifespan than other tables – if you move to a bigger apartment, you can simply expand the table, rather than buying a new one. The table was exhibited at the Stockholm Furniture Fair last month.

WoodenTablecloth_feeldesain_01 WoodenTablecloth_feeldesain_02 WoodenTablecloth_feeldesain_03 WoodenTablecloth_feeldesain_04 WoodenTablecloth_feeldesain_05 WoodenTablecloth_feeldesain_06

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