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1200 Tons exhibition | DesignMarch 2015
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1200 Tons exhibition | DesignMarch 2015

Given that the theme of DesignMarch 2015 in Reykjavik was “Play!”, we were certainly expecting some fun designs to come out of the Icelandic design festival, and we were proved right!


At the festival, there was a particular focus on the marine waste which builds up along the Icelandic shoreline, but various designers had transformed this unpleasant reality into some fantastic products. Thorunn ArnadottirKristbjörg Guðmundsdóttir and Milja Korpela all contributed to the 1200 Tons exhibition, and transformed rubbish taken from the North Atlantic into new products. Arnadottir’s skipping ropes were inspired by a workshop at a local school and incorporated ropes and nets as well as reindeer antlers and bones, making some amazingly fun-looking and very environmentally-friendly toys which we’re sure kids would love to use. Guðmundsdóttir on the other hand made use of sea buoys to create simple and stylish ceramic bowls and nautical pendant lamps lit up with LED lights. Korpela, as well as making posters featuring abstract motifs and coloured infographics, also created a range of cushion covers, whose patterns are based on marine flags. The idea behind the exhibition was not to show the public the grim reality of Icelandic marine waste, but to get inspiration from it and to create some interesting pieces of design. Find out more about DesignMarch here.

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