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Whale-Bird Balloon
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Whale-Bird Balloon

Patricia Piccinini takes her art to the skies, constructing a hot air balloon in the shape of a whale, in honour of Canberra’s (Australia’s Capital City) centenary. It cost approximately 300 dollars to design and build this hot air balloon, and Canberrans are very divided about what they call an ‘ugly waste of money.’

What do you think about it? Below we have also included some other images of Patricia’s work, to give you an understanding of where she is coming from as an artist – she is into mutational art, and often portrays humans as part animal, and vice versa.

Let us know your thoughts. Feel Desain.

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The Centenary of Canberra has launched its largest commission ? a sculpture by internationally renowned artist and former Canberran Patricia Piccinini.

The Skywhale?is at least twice as big as a standard hot-air balloon, weighs half a tonne and used more than 3.5km of fabric. It took 16 people seven months and more than 3.3 million stitches to design and make.

It will be tethered near the National Gallery of Australia on Saturday morning as part of an international sculpture symposium.? On Monday it will make its first flight over Canberra.


Patricia in front of the “Sky Whale.”


Some more images of Patricia’s previous work:

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