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Water & Ink
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Water & Ink

Multifaceted creative Clément Beauvais uses his talents as both an artist and a director to present an original new media campaign titled Water & Ink for Solidarités International, a humanitarian NGO dedicated to aiding victims of war or natural disasters. For this specific campaign, created in collaboration with ad agency BDDP Unlimited, Beauvais tackles the subject of unsafe water by using only water and ink to visually exemplify the campaign’s message: despite water’s colorless and orderless nature, it is a leading silent killer in the world due to people’s inaccessibility to clean drinking water.

The short yet powerful video campaign begins with a close-up of Beauvais leaving invisible paths of water. It is only once the artist uses a dropper to trickle beads of ink that the water painting he has drawn is revealed. The ink fills the water and spreads like an electric current, exposing the once visibly untraceable liquid as a black pool, swirling and expanding ominously. The metaphoric purpose of the video campaign is parallel to the ink’s interpretive function in the painting, exposing and drawing attention to an invisible threat that affects millions of people every year.

The visually powerful Water & Ink video campaign can be viewed, below.

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