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WANT / NEED | Need to Want Less
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WANT / NEED | Need to Want Less

Erin Hanson’s outlet is the Recovering Lazyholic, and she has some great ways of pinpointing the unfortunate condition of so many of us folks, who give in to our slovenly side a little too often. One of her projects is “Need to Want Less,” a series of graphics that smartly and succinctly sums up the choices we’re given about consumerism.

Che cosa vogliamo davvero? di cosa abbiamo davvero bisogno?
divertente serie di illustrazioni grafiche realizzate da Erin Hanson.

“when i was 8 i wanted a puppy
when i was 10 i wanted parachute pants
when i was 12 i wanted an ogilvie perm
when i was 14 i wanted a boy named robbie
when i was 16 i wanted a car
when i was in my 20s i wanted to make bad choices
now i want everything
i only need enough to survive”

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