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Wallee M – Modular Magnetic Phone System
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Wallee M – Modular Magnetic Phone System

Wallee M is an innovative, modular case mounting system for the iPhone 4/4S and Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  By embedding powerful (and cellphone safe!) rare earth magnets into an ecosystem of great accessories, we’ve completely eliminated the need to thicken or add unnecessary bulk to the case itself – one of the key advantages of our design. Wallee M achieves a high level of functionality while staying true to the aesthetic and convenience of devices as beautiful as the iPhone and Galaxy Nexus.

A Product Design project in Melbourne, Australia by StudioProper

For the iPhone 4/S

For the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Wallee M cases are slim, lightweight and durable. A lightly rubberised matte finish and gorgeous inlaid brushed steel detail add sophistication (and functionality!). Paired with a family of great modular accessories; we believe we’ve achieved the goal we set for ourselves – to design a case that’s superior compared to other cases, and then make it effortlessly mountable.

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In the Kitchen

In the Car


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