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Two in one furniture | CHOL1
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Two in one furniture | CHOL1

We’ve come across various storage solutions ideal for less than spacious homes, from the rotating coffee table to chairs which can be hung up in your wardrobe. We’ve even covered bike storage, but these bicycle racks are a very interesting alternative!  Chol1 is a design studio based in Chile whose aim is to incorporate bike storage and regular, everyday furniture. They’ve come up with a series of items made from natural wood, from tables to seating to storage. All of these have grooves which allow you to store and display your bicycle within your home. Even without the bike, the rack is a fully functional piece of furniture. What do you think?

TwoinOneFurniture_FeelDesain_06 TwoinOneFurniture_FeelDesain_07 TwoinOneFurniture_FeelDesain_08 TwoinOneFurniture_FeelDesain_04 TwoinOneFurniture_FeelDesain_02 TwoinOneFurniture_FeelDesain_03 TwoinOneFurniture_FeelDesain_01



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