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Third Wave Coffee Kiosk
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Third Wave Coffee Kiosk

Coffee stops don’t have to mean stopping by your run of the mill Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts or 7-11, but local spots can be a regular stop– like the “Third Wave” coffee and food stop in Melbourne.

Tony Hobba Architects created a beautiful beach structure down on Melbourne’s Australian coast. Upcycled sheet piles were put up to construct the surround of the concrete building, and protect the Third Wave space as a sea wall barrier. The kiosk overlooks the cliffs and water views, so an outside bar creates the perfect setting to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or a meal after hitting the surf.

feeldesain  Australian-Artisanal-Coffee-From-Third-Wave-Kiosk-3

feeldesain  Australian-Artisanal-Coffee-From-Third-Wave-Kiosk-4

feeldesain Australian-Artisanal-Coffee-From-Third-Wave-Kiosk-2

feeldesain Australian-Artisanal-Coffee-From-Third-Wave-Kiosk-1

feeldesain  Australian-Artisanal-Coffee-From-Third-Wave-Kiosk-5


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