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Alphavill | A church imitating nature in Japan
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Alphavill | A church imitating nature in Japan

Designed by Kyoto-based firm Alphaville, this church, in Japan’s Mie prefecture, has been completed for the growing catholic population who come to work at Honda’s nearby car factory. It also serves as a gathering and meeting place for the international community.

Located in Suzuka city, at the intersection of an old highway and a new motorway, the scheme features a large undulating roof that recalls the form of the nearby mountain ranges. The undulating roof recalls the form of the surrounding mountain ranges while the openings allow indirect daylight to illuminate the nave of the church. At the center of the plan a conference area for meetings and other functions is situated and at the opposite end of the site, a series of smaller rooms contain the priest’s residence as well as a chapel and an office.

Photography by Toshiyuki Yano

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