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The Laranjeiras House
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The Laranjeiras House

Just when you think it’s impossible for Rio to get any hotter, the impossible happens! Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados has completed the Laranjeiras Residence on the southern coast of Rio de Janeiro. This private home is used by it’s owners as a seasonal vacation house (wonder what their permanent residence looks like?!?!) The concept of the Laranjeiras House was for it to be built with the idea of design freedom, large windows, wide architectural openings, high ceilings, with large rooms all give the feeling of freedom within the space.

The gorgeous home was built around the natural surroundings; allowing the landscape to dictate its layout. Steel beams covered in wood reach across the estate connecting areas of the home to one another. ”To counterbalance the use of timber, the essential element in the project’s aesthetic arrangement, interior areas were conceived with strong emphasis on the dialogue among materials, either finished or unfinished – oscillating between rustic and high-tech. To that end, one of the main challenges faced by the architect was selecting furniture and decorative pieces that were contemporary in their look yet were in keeping with the seaside mood,” the architect explained.

The Laranjeiras House is intended to be a place of relaxation, seclusion, and the occasional beach side party! Fernanda Marques made sure that she and her team provided their clients with a home of true versatility for many occasions.












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