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Artificial ‘Sponge Mountain’ In Turin To Absorbs CO2 Emissions
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Amsterdam-based designer Angelo Renna suggests to build an artificial mountain in order to absorbs Co2 emission to make the environment cleaner.

Renna’s mountain is 90 meters high with a surface of 11 hectares, capturing CO2 from the atmosphere thanks to its engineered soil — a mixture of sand and concrete. The sponge mountain is not only a green landmark for the city of Turin but also a place for leisure where people can go for a walk, run or just play with their dogs.

The multidisciplinary success project and earlier researches showed that most of the calcium carbonate is stored in the top layer (10-15 centimeters), while previously used soil has the capacity to sequester CO2 in an inorganic form at a rate of 85 tons per hectare per year (for a period of 5 years). So, given that one hectare of rainforest is able to absorb 5 tons per hectare per year, it becomes a quite important and achievable technology.

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