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The Unloseable Wallet | Where’s Wallet
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The Unloseable Wallet | Where’s Wallet

Now here’s something for you if you’re forever misplacing your belongings. The amusingly named Where’s Wallet uses Bluetooth to link to your smartphone, and allows you to track your wallet’s whereabouts if you ever forget where you left it, even sounding an alarm if you leave home without it. Made from vegetable tanned leather and available in 3 classic designs and a few different shades, the collection is classic and simple, but clever inside. Find out more or help make Where’s Wallet a reality on the Where’s Wallet Kickstarter page.

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Play this interactive game, explore the illustrated map and find the wallet and 25 tech icons like Mark Zuckerberg, Myspace Tom, Angry Birds, and Dancing Baby. Click here and have fun 🙂


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